Ryzen Gaming Computer – Everything You Must Know About It

Now that you are in the market for ryzen gaming computers, you must be sure about which one you are going to choose. However, when you are finally looking for the options, you will find four different models – Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, and Ryzen 9. You might want to go all out and splurge on the 9, but will that be a wise choice? Read on to know the differences.  

The Differences Between Each Ryzen Model 

Like Intel’s I-series, AMD Ryzen line of processors is separated into four distinct models; each model is marked by a number. The higher the value indicated on it, the better performance the chip line will deliver. For instance, Ryzen 3 chips will only have four cores, while the Ryzen 5 has six cores. On the other hand, Ryzen 7 has eight cores, and the Ryzen 9 can have 12 and 16-core versions.  

Ryzen 3 – Entry Level Gaming and General Work  

If you are searching for a PC for basic gaming and general work, Ryzen 3 is much more than enough for your needs. It is also powerful enough for light gaming, especially if it is an APU. After using the letter suffix, you can spot a Ryzen CPU and integrated graphics. This is for integrated graphics which will come with G or GE.  

Ryzen 5 – The Mainstream Productivity 

Regarding Ryzen gaming computers, if you want more performance, you can pick the Ryzen 5. The model line is AMD’s mainstream, offering more cores for better multitasking. It also offers more power without breaking the bank. You can find a Ryzen 5 APU that will let you play AAA games without a GPU but not at the maximum quality. Thus, if you are planning to build a decent gaming rig but can’t afford a discrete GPU, the Ryzen 5 shall let you enjoy the gaming sessions. This is the right option if you want the best power at the lowest price in a Ryzen gaming computer.  

Ryzen 7 – Gaming Power 

Regarding Ryzen gaming computers, Ryzen 7 is the best processor for most serious gamers. It can offer the necessary processing power to run most titles smoothly and lets you multitask efficiently along with eight cores. Also, it has higher TDF between 65 and 105 watts based on the variant. You shall also find an AMD chip along with a 3D V-Cache in the Ryzen 7 line allowing gamers to have a massive reduction in performance without the added cost. If you can spare $500, the Ryzen 7 5800X3D is the best Ryzen gaming computer from AMD. The Ryzen 7 line is the sweet spot for gamers. It offers you the power to deliver the performance that most games demand without leaving unutilized capability.  

Ryzen 9 – The Processor for the Professionals 

If you want a computer for heavy number crunching, like simulation, you must choose the Ryzen 9. The 5000-series Ryzen 9 has up to 16 cores, making it perfect for demanding applications like AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, or Blender. If you choose Ryzen 9, you should get a discrete GPU. When you match this processor with a top-end AMD Radeon GPU, like the 6800 or 6800 XT, you shall unlock the AMD advantage, squeezing more power from the overall system. However, if you are just using the computer for basic tasks and gaming, the Ryzen 9 is going to be overkill. You should get a Ryzen 7 processor instead and then use the money you saved to buy more RAM, a large monitor, or a better GPU.  

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