The Growing World of PC Games: Average Game Sizes Explored by Groovy Computers

As gaming technology advances, so does the size and complexity of PC games. With more detailed graphics, immersive audio, and engaging gameplay, modern PC games can take up a significant amount of storage space. In this blog post, Groovy Computers will delve into the average game sizes for PC titles and offer some tips for managing your gaming library.

  1. Understanding Average Game Sizes:

The size of PC games varies greatly, depending on factors such as graphics, audio quality, and the depth of gameplay. As a rough estimate, the average PC game size in recent years ranges between 30GB and 70GB, with some AAA titles exceeding 100GB or more. However, indie games and older titles may only require a few gigabytes of storage.

  1. Storage Requirements for Gamers:

Given the increasing size of modern PC games, it's essential for gamers to have ample storage space to accommodate their growing libraries. Groovy Computers recommends a combination of SSDs and HDDs for an optimal gaming experience. SSDs offer faster load times and improved performance, making them ideal for your operating system and most-played games, while HDDs provide cost-effective bulk storage for less frequently played titles.

  1. Managing Your Game Library:

To keep your storage needs in check, consider adopting the following practices:

a. Uninstall infrequently played games: Regularly review your game library and uninstall titles that you no longer play. Most digital distribution platforms, such as Steam, allow you to redownload games at any time, so you can always reinstall them later if needed.

b. Utilize cloud storage: Some game platforms offer cloud storage for game saves and user profiles. By storing this data in the cloud, you can free up valuable storage space on your local drives.

c. Invest in external storage: If your internal storage is limited, consider investing in an external HDD or SSD to expand your gaming library without compromising your PC's performance.

  1. Future Trends in Game Sizes:

As game development continues to evolve, it's likely that PC game sizes will continue to grow, driven by advancements in graphics, audio, and gameplay depth. Gamers should anticipate this trend and plan their storage needs accordingly to ensure they can enjoy the latest titles without constraints.


The average size of PC games has been steadily increasing, with modern titles demanding more storage space than ever before. Groovy Computers emphasizes the importance of having ample storage solutions, such as SSDs and HDDs, to accommodate this growth. By managing your game library and planning for future storage requirements, you can stay ahead of the curve and enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience. Trust Groovy Computers for expert guidance in navigating the ever-expanding world of PC gaming.

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