Why Processor Speed is Crucial for Custom Gaming PC? 

If you are planning to buy a custom gaming PC or a PC component, you will come across the clock speed spec. Many people are not sure what it is and why they are a crucial element of a custom gaming PC. This blog will help you. Choosing the best components for the custom gaming PC or determining if the specs of the PC are ideal for high-end gaming is crucial. One of the most important elements to consider is the clock speed, but it is part of a broader picture. Clock speed is simple to understand on its own, even if surrounded by complexity.  

What is Clock Speed? 

Clock speed is the number of instructions a CPU or a GPU can process every second. In general, the more instructions or cycles that a component can process and perform per second, the faster it will be. It is measured in GHz, previously MHz before the speeds are picked up. A clock speed of 6GHz means 6 billion cycles are occurring every second.  

Processor Cores Vs. Clock Speed 

When it comes to custom gaming PC, the processor cores and clock speeds are different, but they work towards the same goal. There are a lot of techies who talk about adding more weight when buying a computer, but processor cores and clock speeds will depend on each other equally to help the computer function in the best possible way. Knowing the differences between the two can help in getting a better idea of what these two do and what kind of processor speed you need based on how you are planning to use the computer. If you want to use the desktop for complex video editing instead of standard programs and internet browsing, you shall have different processor cores and clock speed requirements.  

Processor Cores 

Processor cores are individual processing units in the computer’s central processing unit (CPU). The processor core receives instructions from a single computing task. It works with the clock speed to quickly process this information and temporarily store it in the RAM. The permanent information is saved to the hard drive when you request it.  

Speaking of custom gaming PC, most computers will have multiple processor cores that enable the computer to complete multiple tasks. Having the ability to run different programs and requesting multiple tasks like making edits to a document while watching a video, while also opening a new program. This is possible with multiple processor core units.  

For complex video games or programs, it is crucial to have a CPU that can keep up with the information, like the rapid distribution of audio and video feed. In this digital age, we are all expert multi-taskers. Therefore, processor cores have become highly important for computer users. Multiple processor cores and hyper-threading technology are crucial in custom gaming PCs and everyday computers. With multiple core processors, it offers you the freedom to increase productivity at work, play complicated video games, and explore a new world with VR.  

How to Choose Between Processor Cores and Clock Speed? 

As we mentioned earlier, both the processor cores and clock speeds are crucial for custom gaming PCs. A computer with multiple cores and a super high clock speed is ideal. When you are comparing computers, it is crucial to think about the lifestyle. Now everyone requires the same level of processing speed or cores. 


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