Is it Better to Build or Buy a Custom Gaming PC?

Gaming PCs are becoming common these days. With more and more people playing, the demand for gaming PC has increased. One of the most significant debates of this decade is whether it is better to buy a custom gaming PC online or build one. Many gamers might suggest that it is better to build a custom gaming PC, but the question is, is it worth the effort and time? If you are investing in your first custom gaming PC, it can be a hard decision. Here is a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of building and buying your custom gaming PC. Let us start with the details of building a custom gaming PC. 

Building a Gaming PC: 

Building a custom gaming PC is a challenging option, especially if you don’t have experience with the hardware components. However, there are some significant advantages as well. 

  1. Customization – When you build a gaming PC, you shall not be limited to the designs and parts that a specific company gives you. With your custom build, you can choose the parts that go into the system and design the PC for particular needs. Building offers you much more freedom to fine-tune and customize it according to your preferences. 
  1. Cost – If you have a budget constraint and want to save money, you should build your own PC. You can choose your parts. You can check around the market to find the best prices and avoid any added cost of paying for the expensive parts that you won’t need. When you build the PC, you will also save some on the premium cost of labour that comes with a pre-built system. 
  1. Knowing the Components – Building your custom gaming PC will increase your knowledge of all the basics of computer hardware. This is a great skill to have. Also, it means that you know the system inside out. Thus, if something goes wrong, you won’t need to pick up the phone and call tech support every time.

However, building a custom gaming PC also comes with its challenges.

i) It will take up a lot of your time
ii) You might run into problems where you will again need tech support
iii) Warranty is another challenge because all the parts will have different warranties.

Buying a Custom Gaming PC

If you want to buy a custom gaming PC, it also requires a lot of research to make the best use of your money. When you buy a pre-built system, everything is done for you. From getting the best components to checking their compatibility – it’s all done by the company. Also, people with busy schedules can save a lot of time. Warranty is another reason for buying a custom gaming PC online. Spending that extra money also means you get the added benefit of a warranty. Thus, if you ever have any issues, the company will repair them. For people who are not very familiar with the parts of a PC, the warranty and reliability are vital if the PC ever stops working. 

However, the cost of buying a custom gaming PC will be a bit higher than the cost of building one. Also, it is harder to customize if you buy a gaming PC because the manufacturer will use the available parts. Therefore, if you are looking for specific components to be featured, then buying a gaming PC is not the right option for you.

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