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Groovy Computers
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Who Are We?

Operating from Trenton, Nova Scotia, we are a boutique business specializing in crafting custom gaming PCs. Our business entails selling these tailor-made systems, alongside providing detailed quotes, invoices, and receipts.

Whether you're seeking a PC for video editing, streaming, or a combination of gaming and streaming, we're here to serve your needs.

Not particularly tech-savvy? No worries at all. Drop us a message and we'll swiftly get back to you to assist with your needs.

Welcome to Groovy Computers!


Dive into a world where virtual experiences are crafted to perfection. Whether you're a fierce gamer, a cinematic editor, or a dynamic streamer, we've got you covered. At Groovy Computers, we don't just assemble PCs – we sculpt masterpieces tailored exclusively for you.

✨ Why Choose Groovy Computers? ✨

1️⃣ Bespoke Builds: Every individual has a unique digital journey, and we respect that. This is why each of our computers is custom-made, designed to match your unique needs, ensuring that your games, edits, and streams run smoother than ever.

2️⃣ Superior Quality Over Quantity: Stand out from the crowd with a machine that's miles ahead of generic builds. Our emphasis on perfection ensures that every unit we craft is a technological marvel, unparalleled in performance and aesthetics.

3️⃣ Battle-Tested Reliability: Say goodbye to the common nightmares of crashes or lethargic performance. Before any of our machines reaches you, they undergo rigorous testing, proving their mettle against the toughest challenges. Your immersive digital adventures deserve nothing less than steadfast reliability.

4️⃣ An Odyssey of Spectacular Experiences: Step into a realm where every click, every frame, and every stream captures the essence of spectacular. Dive deep into the digital world, with confidence, knowing that Groovy Computers has your back.

Your quest for the ultimate digital ally ends here. Don't settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary. Let's embark on this exciting journey together. Welcome to Groovy Computers – where dreams are built!'